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An Evening Walk

Not to make this a running theme, but I was bullied into an evening walk by my Fitbit. “Only 2,334 steps to go!” it reminded me. I knew I could make a convincing argument that I had gone on a 45 minute walk earlier today, that I had burned well over 2,000 calories today, and that even 8,766 steps in a day was a damn good accomplishment, but already the Guilt Monster was chomping away at what it knew would be its next meal.

An evening walk was necessary.
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Slice of Life: FitBit

My First Slice of Life Post, via Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life

After a year and a half of listening to lunch conversations about step competitions between English department fitness fiends, I finally bought a FitBit. It’s one of the newer Charge HR models, and I insisted on plum color: I’m not paying  $150.00 for something that doesn’t come in purple. Continue reading “Slice of Life: FitBit”

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