In Donalyn Miller’s wonderful second book, Reading in the Wild, The Book Whisperer poses the questions, “When you already read a lot, how do you keep reading engaging and fresh? What do you read? How do wild readers keep growing?”

Wild Readers

I admit, sometimes I get stagnant too. I read only professional books, or I read only the books that are interesting to my students, or my book list is determined by our school’ district’s Battle of the Books or TAR (teachers as readers) reading lists. Sometimes, although I love to read, I get bogged down and need permission of a sort to actually enjoy the books I read. Reading Challenges are relatively new to me, but I have found them reinvigorating!

“Reading challenges are not competitions between readers or groups of readers. While many wild reader may set similar challenges, each reader is unique. Reading challenges must allow wild readers as much autonomy as free will as possible. Already interested in reading, wild readers want opportunities to choose their own goals unencumbered by others’ expectations or limits.” (p. 145)

I invite all my readers to dream about books they don’t usually read, to make a reading plan, and to explore all the possibilities out there!

These are the reading challenges I am currently participating in:
PopSugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge

Escape the Ordinary” 2015 Summer Reading Challenge (Sponsored by my local public Library.