When our entire days become about lesson plans, students, grading papers, learning the new student information system, or when we’ll get to actually use the restroom, it’s important to reflect and take some time to remember why we teach. I’d like to invite all the teachers in my life to join me in reflection tonight.

As part of the new mentor training I attended two months ago, we were asked to reflect on our current attitudes about our own teaching. My original responses were slightly different, but I’d like to repeat the process today to remind myself about why I became (and why I remain) a teacher.

R.R.R.R. - A snapshot of your attitudes about teaching
R.R.R.R. – A snapshot of your attitudes about teaching

Reason I Became a Teacher

  • My tenth grade English teacher was a lovely, learned person, but not the most exciting of teachers. Each class we would come in, begin writing notes on the board, and as we finished one side of the board, she would start erasing the “starting side” and begin writing more notes. Seriously. I remember thinking during one of these elongated sessions: “I could do better.” So I did.

What I Do to Renew

  • Read (for pleasure), exercise, knit, drink some wine, hang out with friends, and nap.

How I Wish to be Remembered

  • As “the teacher who believed in me.”

The REALITY of my Life as a Teacher Right Now.

  • I’m OVERWHELMED. Things are piling up – papers to grade, lessons to write, a field trip to plan, the first meeting of our Battle of the Books team, and I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to sleep. Even tonight I’m blogging instead of sleeping because I want to stay dedicated to this blog.

Because of my REALITY currently, I wanted to remember the core of all this reflection: my students. Every day, a few students walk into my classrooms (I have four this year…), and for ninety minutes they are with me. It sounds like a lot of time, but it flies by faster than you would believe. At this point of the year, the anxiety that I’m not doing right by them is already present.

But I try. Every day, I try. And that is the reality.

What is your reason?

Thanks to TwoWritingTeachers for this Linkup!
Thanks to TwoWritingTeachers for this Linkup!