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As I reflect on the first week of school, I look past the anxieties to focus on the joys.
Can I celebrate coffee?
Can I celebrate coffee?

  1. I got to meet my students for the first time. These young people will be my life for the next nine months. I will get to know each one of them and support them in their journeys through high school.
  2. “I thought this class was going to be boring, but I’m actually having fun.” –one of my students.
  3. Thanks to an impulse buy at  my local Target, my bulletin board FRIGGIN LIGHTS UP!!!
  4. My students have already made me laugh.
  5. Being part of our school family. The teachers at my school have demonstrated once again that we are not just coworkers: we are family.
  6. BYOT has been awesome (so far). Some of my Writing Center students tweeted their 6 word Memoirs (you can see them in my Twitter feed).
  7. The Writing Center – It’s new, and I’m the first director. It’s based on a college peer tutoring model, and I couldn’t ask for a better inaugural group of tutors!
  8. Watching my “I’m not a reader” students choose books that they’re actually interested in reading.
  9. Being a teacher-mentor for a new reading specialist who is going to be amazing at her new role.
  10. Experimentation with new technologies: OneNote for classrooms, my classroom blog, and a new gradebook system.
Did I mention IT LIGHTS UP???
Did I mention IT LIGHTS UP???

I couldn’t ask to be part of a better school, a better faculty, or a better community. How could I not celebrate it?