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September 2015

Why Did You Become a Teacher? #sol15

When our entire days become about lesson plans, students, grading papers, learning the new student information system, or when we’ll get to actually use the restroom, it’s important to reflect and take some time to remember why we teach. I’d like to invite all the teachers in my life to join me in reflection tonight.

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Mastering the Book Review

Not a huge fan of traditional book reviews, but I AM a big fan of infographics!

I Love My School: 10 Things to Celebrate- #celebratelu

What are you celebrating today? Thanks to Ruth Ayers for the Celebrate Link Up.

Discover. Play. Build.
As I reflect on the first week of school, I look past the anxieties to focus on the joys.
Can I celebrate coffee?
Can I celebrate coffee?

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The “Writing Autobiography”: A New Tradition?

Over the next week or so of classes, I’ll be asking my students to write their “Writing Autobiography.” I used to ask them to write me their mini autobiographies and, while I loved reading them, it now feels intrusive to ask my students to tell me their life stories right off the bat. I want to build some trust first. Let’s face it: Writing can be brutal.  Everyone has gotten negative feedback about their writing, and that can REALLY damage a person’s willingness to give it another shot. On the other hand, we also get praise from audiences who like our writing.

I want my kids to write about the good, the bad,  and to start thinking about possibilities.

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